Do You Know…We Do House Calls

Yes…We call to the Patient’s Home or their Nursing Home

We are available to call to a patient’s home, a nursing home or hospital. Arrange to be treated in the comfortable environment of your own home.

We guarantee that the service we bring to your home is of the same high quality we provide at our clinic. Infection control is an important aspect of the service we provide. All instruments are sterilised individually and vacuum packed prior to our visits. Be assured that even though you are treated at home, we use the identical sterilisation controls that we use in our clinic. We aim to be your centre of excellence for all your footcare needs.

Dementia Friendly Service

At Dalkey Podiatry Clinic we are proud to be an approved Dementia friendly clinic. We have completed the dementia friendly course approved by Home Instead and are trained how to take care of patients who maybe suffering with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Mental health Conditions.

Attending for treatment can be a traumatic and disorientating experience for these patients. So we offer both home visits and a calm environment for patients to receive their treatment and give advice to both the patients and their carers on best practice for each individual.

Symptoms to Look Out For

Do you have a toenail condition? Does the colour and shape of your toenails concern you? Have you thick brittle toenails, are they ingrowing, are they discoloured? A Podiatrist can treat and advise you on the best course of action.

Do you have skin abnormalities? Is the skin on your feet dry, cracking and difficult to manage? Do you have painful callous and corns on your toes or on the ball of your foot? A Podiatrist can effectively treat and manage these conditions.

Do you have foot pain? Are you suffering with chronic foot pain in the ball of your foot, heel or in your Achilles Tendon? A Podiatrist can diagnose and prescribe orthotics to treat you.



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